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"Church, Alumni, College: Together In Love' 

April 12-15, 1979 

Oakwood College 
Huntsville, Alvbama 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2013 




"Church, Alumni, College: Together In Love" 


As president of the National Chapter of 
the Oakwood College Alumni Association, I 
would like to express the sincere good wishes 
of the national chapter officers, local chapter 
officers, the Oakwood College community and 
to all of you who are present as representa- 
tives of many churches and cities across 

It is my hope that the deliberations and 
activities of these three days will presage the 
dawn of a bright new day in the history of 
our commitment and support for Oakwood 
College and its Alumni Association. Welcome 
to Homecoming "79". 

L A. Paschal, President 
National Alumni Association 

A Call For Togetherness 

Now, like never before, Oakwood needs 
the full commitment and support of the total 
alumni constituency. Only if we join together 
can we hope to make a difference. 

While you are here this weekend enjoying 
the comraderie of old friends and feasting on 
the renewed sights and sounds of our dear old 
Oakwood, we trust that it will be a unique 
experience which you will long remember. 

Ola Dawson 
1979 Homecoming Weekend Coordinator 

Kv *'.s*«^^^^^^^l 




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What Makes Oakwood Special? 

. . . Not buildings, nor landscape, nor 
programs, nor reputation, nor history, nor 
honors; all of these things are important to 
our history, but what makes Oakwood special 
is YOU! Your prayers, your presence, your 
moral and financial support, your participation 
in the "family experience" of alumni activities, 
all are vital components of the glorious whole 
that makes Oakwood College something dif- 
ferent — something special. 

"WELCOME HOME" and remember that 
God has given us this heritage, this history, 
this acreage, this fellowship — let us support 
it and enjoy it! 

C. B. Rock 



Eric Calvin Ward, Pastor 

To our alumni far and near, 

We welcome you with open arms and cheer. 

We're thankful you've chosen again this year, 
To bring and share with us, your hopes, your 
love, your prayers. 

Your hand clasp, your smile, your kiss, 

All be-speak to us that, that moment of happy 

near eternal bliss. 
Again has come this spring of 1979 to our 

campus, our church, our class to bless. 

Dear Alumni: 

Welcome to this, your Alma Mater's twelfth 
Annual Homecoming. You come in days when 
our crises of the day cry out for your Christ 
filled stamina, courage, and properly calculat- 
ed optimism. In your hands are entrusted 
answers from the Eternal One for these times. 
Uncertainties cannot remove certain certain- 
ties. The coming of the King of Kings cannot 
be thwarted. 

You are welcome to your College, Campus, 
and Church at Oakwood because you reaffirm 
the God-given goals of Oakwood. Because of 
you, Huntsville, Alabama became more than 
the Space Capital of the World. It became the 
"hub" of hope of America's largest minority, a 
charge to America's majority, and a message 
model for the world. 

May God make this our best Homecoming 
thus far until the best of all shall come. 

Prayerfully yours. 

R. E. Tottress. Associate Pastor 
Oakwood College Chucrh 

National Alumni Executive Officers 

L A. Paschal 


Minneola Dixon 

Vice President 

June Jacobs 


Hattie Mims 


Richard Norman 


Frank Davis 

Asst. Treasurer 

James Hicks 


A. Samuel Rashford 


E. E. Rogers 


Ruth Stafford 

Past President 

J. E. Roache 

Alumni Affairs 

Ola Dawson 

Alumni Weekend 

Brenda E. Hurt 

Alumni Office Secretary 

Allegheny East 
John Smith 

Regional Vice Preidents 


Edna Lett Williamson 

South Atlantic 
Joseph Hinson 


Connie S. Mayfield 

Central States 
Monroe Burgess 
Hector Mouzon, Assoc. 

Northern California 
David Taylor 

Southern California 
Finster Paul 

South Central 
Vernon Jenkins 

Southwest Region 
W. C. Jones 

Local Chapter Presidents 

Mrs. Katie Settle 

Mrs. Thomasine Wright 

New Orleans 
Mrs. Christine Herbert 

Mrs. Ann Timpson 

Mrs. Gayie Kimmell 

New York 
Mr. Samuel Rashford 

Ms. Patricia Burns 

Kansas City 
Elder Monroe Burgess 

Mrs. Susie Shurney 

Ms. Michelle Cleveland 

Little Rock 
Mrs. Teresa W. Cunningham 


Mrs. Ruth Stokes 

Elder James Hicks 

Los Angeles 
Mrs. Alean Middleton 

Pine Forge 
Mrs. Ruth Mosby Green 

Mrs. Tracey Jacobs 

Mr. Leroy Anderson, Jr. 

Mr. Lawrence E. Wray 

Mr. David Brezell 

Mrs. Susie Cole Adderly 

Mrs. Angela Wilson 

Ms. Francis Miller 

Mr. Conrad Gill 

Mrs. Floretta Taylor 

Fort Lauderdale Minneapolis 

Mrs. Barbara Bowman Ballard Dr. Phillip Carey 

Mrs. Myrtle Murphy 

Mr. Jason Edgecombe 

Dr. Victor Duncan 

Miss Alma Flynn 

G. I. Pearson 


Homecoming Committee Chairpersons 

Coordinating Council 

Ola Dawson, Chairperson; Lee Paschal, C. B. Rock 

Promotion & Public Relations Receptionists Sabbath School 

Brenda Hurt, National Alumni Ruth Dupre 1979 Graduating Class 

David Long, President 
Smorgasbord Thursday Night Program 

Joyce Buisson Patty Miller Registration 

Joseph Dailey, Carole Webb Linda Webb 

Presidents' Breakfast ^lean Middleton 
Divine Worship Sarah Richardson 

L. A. Paschal ^ ,, u- o Hospitality 

Fellowship Supper ,_ *^ _,,.' 

1-4.U 1 r^ . u 4.4.- r/i- Frances Bliss 
- .,,,,. Ethel Dykes, Hattie Mims 
Social Affairs „ ... ^ . ,. „. 

f.. ..,,,, Geraldme Ogburn, Karen Simmons ,,, , _. .. 

Dorothy Holloway ,„ A Welcome Station 

Mary Conner ^^^^ 0^4.- m 

1979 Graduating Class 

Housing Ushers David Long, President 

Charles and Cheryl Colbert giiver Davis, G. Ogburn 

(CAC, Inc.) Saturday Night Vespers 

Souvenir Program Emerson A. Cooper 

Honors Carolyn McMillan 

J. C. Hicks Secretarial Services 

Friday Night Vespers Brenda Hurt 

Medical John J. Beale 

Donald Bedney, Joseph Rhyne Decorations 

Security and Transportation Carole Webb 

Harry Dobbins 

Office Assistants 

Loretta Battle Jea Hurt 

Sherrel Downes Gerald Kibble 

Elaine Hamilton Juanita Sharpe 

Frank Harrel Jeannie Watkins 

Diane Harris Judy Winston 

Alfreda, Cheryl, Nora, Donna, and many other students 

Blake Center 

Thursday, April 12, 1979 
12:00 Noon - 9:00 p.m. 

Friday, April 13, 1979 
8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. 

Linda Webb and Staff, Oakwood College Inner College 
Alean Middleton and Members, California Alumni Association 

College Switchboard - ■ 837-1630 

Executive Secretary - Brenda Hurt Ext. 341 

Coordinator - Ola Dawson Ext. 341 


Recreational Activities 

Golf Tournament 

Lynn Ross - Coordinator 

Point Mallard State Park 

Decatur, Alabama (Highway 20 West) 

8:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 11 

8:00 a.m., Thursday, April 12 

8:00 a.m., Friday, April 13 

Entrance Fee $15.00 

Horseback Riding 

Larry Dorsey - Coordinator 
Oakwood College 

Space & Rocket Center Tours 

Charrisa Davis - Coordinator 
Thursday, April 12 & Friday, April 13 

Tennis Tournament 

Carlton Pyfrom and Keith Wood - Coordinators 

Oakwood College 

1:00 p.m., Friday, April 13 


8:00 a.m., Sunday, April 15 

Singles $6.00 per participant 

Doubles $3.00 per participant 


Lynn Ross - Coordinator 

Blake Center Mall 

8:30 a.m., Sunday, April 15 


Leonard Douglas - Coordinator 

Butler Senior High School 

3401 Holmes Avenue N. W. 

8:00 p.m. 

Kick-Off Program 

Thursday Evening 

April 13, 1979 
Oakwood College Student Musicale 

Ashby Gymnatorium 
Patty Miller, Coordinator 

Vesper Service 

Friday, April 13, 1979, 6:00 p.m. 

Oakwood College Church 

Song Service 1969, Linda Anderson Webb 

Scripture Adell Warren, Oakwood College Business Manager 

Opening Prayer 1979, David Long, Senior Class President 

Special Music 1939, Elizabeth Nunez 

Welcome _ 1949, John J. Beale, Platform Chairperson 

Welcome Lee A. Paschal, President 

Oakwood National Alumni Association 

Greetings Ola Dawson, 1979 Homecoming Coordinator 

Announcements 1959, June Hicks Jacobs, Corresponding Secretary 

National Alumni Association 

Introduction of Speaker 1969, Vern Joyner, Pastor, Lake Region Conference 

Special Music 1949, Clara Dumas Young 

Speaker 1969, Henry S. Holt, Better Living Evangelist 

South Central Conference 

Special Music 1979, Dunbar Henri 

Benediction 1959, Charles E. Campbell, D.D.S. 

Missionary Volunteer 

(Immediately following Vespers) 


The Lynwood Academy Chorale and Wind Ensemble, John Dennison, Director 
Chaplain Joseph Powell and Allen Martin, Coordinators 

Fellowship Supper 

Ethel Dykes, Geraldine Ogburn, Hattie Mimms, Program Chairpersons 

Blake Center Cafeteria 

Friday, April 13, 1979, 7:30 p.m. 

(Immediately following Vespers) 


Spaghetti and Meat Sauce 

Tossed Salad 





Sabbath School 

Sabbath, April 14, 1979, 9:15 a.m. 

Von Braun Civic Center 

Song Service 1979, Jason McCracken 

Senior Class Member 

Prayer 1979, Nyla Jones 

Senior Class Parliamentarian 

Superintendent's Remarks 1979, David Long 

Senior Class President 

Secretary's Report 1979, Esther Provost 

Senior Class Secretary 

Offertory 1979, Peggy Foster 

Senior Class Treasurer 

Special Music 1979, Dunbar Henri 

Senior Class Music Coordinator 

Lesson Study 




To Be Presented In Skit Form 

By the 1979 Graduating Class 

of Oakwood College 

Special Feature 

10:20 A.M. 


President Lee A. Paschal, Oakwood College National Alumni Association 

President Calvin B. Rock, Oakwood College 

President H. L. Cleveland, Allegheny West Conference 

Divine Worship 

Saturday, April 14, 1979, 11:00 a.m. 

L A. Paschal, Chairperson 

Von Braun Civic Center 

Invocation 1%9, r. e. Tottress 

Associate Pastor, Oakwood College Church 
Music Aeolians 

Welcome and Special Announcements L. A. Paschal 

President National Association and 

Program Chairperson 

Eric C. Ward 

Pastor, Oakwood College Church 

Joe Davis, Mayor of Huntsville 

C. D. Henri 

Chairman, Oakwood College Board 

Calvin B. Rock 

President of Oakwood College 

Lawrence Weeks 

Acknowledgements L A. Paschal 

Ola Dawson 
Coordinator, Alumni Weekend 

Hymn of Worship 1969, William Cleveland 

Scripture 1959, G. I. Pearson 

Manager, South Central Book & Bible House 
Prayer 1939, Norman G. Simons 

Offertory 1949, Luther Palmer 

President, Allegheny East Conference 

Music Aeolians 

Introduction of Speaker 1949, W. C. Jones 

President, Southwest Region Conference 

Music _ 1978, Walter Parker 

Sermon - 1949, Fred W. Parker 

Pastor, Berean, Atlanta, Georgia 

Closing Hymn 1979, Evelyn Daniels 

Benediction _ D. B. Reid 

Pastor, First Church, Huntsville 

Pianist: Harrison Watkins Organist: Marcel lus Breach 

Director: Alma Blackmon 


National Alumni Association Honors Program 

Oakwood College Church Sanctuary 

Sabbath, April 14, 1979 

4:30 p.m. 

Organ Prelude Leila Alexander 


Invocation Victor Duncan, M.D. 

Greetings Frank Davis 

Past President 

Introduction of 1979 Honors Committee J. C. Hicks 

Committee Chairperson 

Music (Trio) 1949, Zeola Allston and others 

Presentation of Honorees Katie Settle, Connie Strong Mayfield, J. C. Hicks 

Parents of the Year Elder and Mrs. Fred Parker 

Alumna of the Year Mrs. Cordelt Evans Williamson 

Alumnus of the Year Elder Lee Paschal 

Music Sheila L. Johnson 

Presentation of Certificates Ruth Stafford, Alean Middleton 

Edna Williamson, Mineola W. Dixon 

Remarks L. A. Paschal. President 

National Alumni Association 

Closing Ola Dawson 

Pianist: Daryl Alexander Organist: Leila Alexander 


Sabbath Evening Vespers 

Saturday, April 14, 1979, 5:30 p.m. 
Oakwood College Sanctuary 

Song Service _ 1979, David Long 

Class President 

Scripture 1979, Frank Harrell 

Prayer Mervyn Waren 

Dean of the College 

Welcome 1949, Emerson Cooper 

Platform Chairperson 

Introduction of Speakers 1959, Hector Mouzon 

Pastor, Central States Conference 

Special Music (Quartet) 1969, Genoice Hampton 

1969, Leroy Hampton 
1969, Alfred Hampton 

Speaker Gerald Wells 

Pastor, City Temple Church, Dallas, Texas 

Closing Hymn: "Now The Day Is Over" L. A. Paschal 

President, National Alumni Association 

Closing Prayer - 1949, Richard Norman, Jr. 

Treasurer, OC National Alumni Association 

Announcements Ola Dawson 

Coordinator of Homecoming Weekend 

Pianist: Ronald Campbell Organist: Eurydice Osterman 


,^' ./"'^ 

Twelfth Annual Banquet for Oakwood Alumni 

Saturday Night, April 14, 1979 
8:30 - 11:00 p.m. 

Remarks Lee Paschal 


Welcome Joyce Buisson 

Program Chairperson 

Blessing J. C. Hicks 



Enchiladas Black Beans and Yellow Rice 

Beef Stroganoff Pigeon Peas and Rice 

Won Tons Cheese Blintz 

Mini - Pizzas 

French Beans Almondine 

Fried Cauliflower 

Chinese Vegetables 

Cucumber Salad Assorted Breads 

Tropical Fruit Salad Fresh Fruit Medley 

Apple Pie Ala Mode 

Tropical Fruit Punch 

After Dinner Drink 

Quartet Jamboree Ola Dawson 



The Cathedral Quartet Tetratones 

Veteranaires College Four 

Oakwood Quartet Sons of Music 

Cleveland Quartet Chordsmen 

The Acorns 


Step Up To Happiness 

Good Night Ladies and Farewell Gentlemen 



About Our Speakers 


Fred William Parker, Sr. 

Sabbath Worship 

Elder Fred William Parker was born in 
Tampa, Florida. He graduated from Oakwood 
College in 1949 and did graduate work at the 
University of North Carolina. His pastorial re- 
sponsibilities include the following: 

Little Rock, Arkansas; Dallas, Texas; Sa- 
vannah, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; 
Bethany in Miami, Florida. 

Presently serving the Berean Church in 
Atlanta, Georgia. He serves on the South At- 
lantic Conference Committee, the Smyrna 
Hospital Board, Smyrna, Georgia. 

He is married to the former Mildred Davis 
of Tampa, Florida; to this union were born four 
children: Fred Jr., Willie Samuel, Walter Wayne 
and Yvonne Patricia. One graduated from Oak- 
wood Academy and the other three graduated 
from Oakwood College. 

Henry Samuel Holt 

Friday Evening Vespers 

Henry Samuel Holt was born to Mr. and 
Mrs. James G. Holt in Brooklyn, New York. 
He received his early education in the Public 
Schools of Brooklyn and was converted to 
Adventism in 1961 under the able ministry of 
Elder T. X. Perry. 

He attended Oakwood College and An- 
drews University and began his ministry in the 
South Atlantic Conference where he pastored 
the Macon, Georgia District and the Tallahas- 
see, Florida District. 

In 1975, he was asked to serve the youth 
of South Central Conference and in 1978 he 
was appointed to serve as Better Living Evan- 

He is married to the former Gazetta Reevers 
of Birmingham and they have one 3-year-old 
son named Princeton. 

Gerald Nathaniel Wells 

Sabbath Evening Vespers 

Elder Gerald Nathaniel Wells was born in 
Boca Raton, Florida along with three brothers 
and five sisters. He grew up in Delray Beach, 
Florida. He graduated from Oakwood College 
in 1959 with a B. S. degree in theology, and 
later went to Andrews where he received his 
M. A. in theology. 

From 1960 to 1975 Elder Wells pastored 
in the following conferences: 

Lake Region, Northeastern, Bermuda Mis- 
sion, and South Atlantic Conference. He is 
currently pastoring in the Southwest Region 
Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

He is married to the former Beverly Jean 
Porter of Stockton, California. They have two 
daughters, Desrea Lynn and Kimberly Lynne. 


Our 1979 Honorees 

Parents of the Year 

Elder and Mrs. Fred W. Parker, Sr, 

Elder Fred W. Parker, Sr., and Mrs. Mildred Davis Parker are natives of Tampa, Florida. Elder Parker is a 
graduate of Oakwood College, class of '49, with a degree in Theology. Mrs. Parker attended Oakwood for one 
year and is a graduate of Shaw University with a B. A. degree in Elementary Education. 

This couple has been blessed with the following children: Fred Jr., a graduate of Oakwood Academy. 
Alderson-Broaddus College, Philippi, West Virginia with a B.S. in Radiologic Technology, State University of 
New York with an M.S. in Health Science Education and Evaluation. Presently he is Radiology Manager at 
Smith Hill Health System, Jefferson City Hospital. He is pursuing a Ph.D. in Higher Education with emphasis 
on Allied Health Administration "80". He and his wife Paulette have two children: Fred III, and Melania Lynn. 

Willie is a Bible teacher at Golden Gate Academy, Oakland, California. He is a 75 graduate of Oakwood 
College and 77 graduate of Andrews University with an M.A. in Educational Administration. He was also a 
74 student missionary to Busan, Korea. 

Walter is Director of Patient Accounts of Riverside Hospital, Nashville, Tennessee. He is a 77 graduate 
of Oakwood College (Cum Laude), is doing graduate work at the University of Tennessee. Walter did his 
Business Internship at the South Central Conference, Nashville, Tennessee. 

Yvonne Patricia is a 78 graduate of Oakwood College (Magna Cum Laude). She will receive her iW A. 
from Ohio State University in August, 1979. 


Alumna of the Year 

Cordell Williamson 

Mrs. Cordell Williamson is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a former staff member of Oak- 
wood College and Oakwood Academy. 

Cordell Evans Williamson was born a member of a family of twelve. Born the eighth child to Mr. and 
Mrs. Nathaniel Evans, Sr., she was reared a Baptist until the family heard the Third Angel's Message and 
became Seventh-day Adventists. Soon after accepting the Truth, Cordell graduated from a public high school 
with honors and received a four-year Scholarship to a reputable college. However, because she wanted to 
know more about this new found belief, and because she felt constrained to follow her Lord even in the 
matter of education, she turned down the scholarship and year-by-year earned a scholarship through the lit- 
erature ministry. This experience she wrote about in an award winning story as an Oakwood student in a 
Youth Instructor contest. 

Now graduating from Oakwood College in the first senior class as both valedictorian and president of 
the class, with a B.A. in English, she set her goals for whatever heights attainable. She secured her Masters 
degree and took many additional courses toward a Ph.D. and finished her mathematics course requirements. 
Side-tracked through marriage, teaching and supervision, she is still in education and experiencing many 
rewarding adventures in her work. She taught four years at Pine Forge, fifteen years at Oakwood, two years 
at the University of Pittsburgh, worked for over a year a Redstone Arsenal as a mathematician, and now 
after teaching at Schenley High School, she is a Supervisory Program Specialist for the Pittsburgh Public 
Schools in the Title I Mathematics Achievement Centers Program. This school year, along with her supervi- 
sion she is voluntarily teaching Chisanbop (Finger Calculation Method) to second graders at Belmar Elem- 
entary School. This has sparked interest in the city of Pittsburgh and this adventure was writen about by 
Caren Marcus, a Pittsburgh Press editor. Following this she appeared on two T.V. programs, Pittsburgh 2Day 
and Gateway Group, to air her findings with these children. 

Through it all, her love and loyalty have been with Oakwood College. Wherever she can spark interest, 
she has influenced many to attend Oakwood. 

Mrs. Williamson is married to Mr. Linval 0. Williamson from Jamaica, West Indies. 


Alumnus of the Year 
Lee A. Paschal 

Elder Lee A. Paschal, a native of Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the son of IVIr. and Mrs. Alice Paschal. He is 
a product of church school and pursued his collegiate career at Oakwood College graduating President of 
the class of 1946. While a student, Lee Paschal held the following offices: 

President Epsilon Sigma, President of Student Council, President of Excelsior, President of Choir, Presi- 
dent of Seminar, Treasurer of Junior Class, Treasurer of Student Council, Treasurer of Educational Club, 
Business Manager of Annual, Member of College Quarter. 

Following graduation Lee was employed as pastor in Selma, Alabama. He also served in Montgomery. 
Alabama and Jackson, Tennessee. 

A long record of Conference service followed: Superintendent of Education and M. V. Director South 
Central Conference; Superintendent of Education and M. V. Director Southwest Region Conference. 

He then returned to South Central Conference and labored in Trust Services. His next field of labor was 
Northeastern Conference where he served as Assistant Pastor of Ephesus Church in New York City. He 
presently serves as Communications Director for Northeastern Conference. 

Elder Paschal has been a loyal alumni and served the Alumni Association as: President, Dallas. Texas. 
Chapter; Active member of Nashville, Tennessee Chapter; Chaplain and Parliamentarian of the National 
Alumni Association, prior to his election as President in 1975. 

It has been during his administration that Alumni Homecoming has been held in the Von Braun Civic 
Center. He has traveled nationally — establishing new chapters East, West, North, and South. 

The Alumni Association has taken on new meaning with his appearances at all Regional Workers Meet- 
ing. The number of life memberships has grown steadily with his perservering promotion. 

Elder Paschal has gained respect and admiration in the Northeastern Conference for his outstanding 
publications: Stethoscope (Victory Lake Nursing Home Publication); Panorama (Northeastern Conference 
Publication); Northeastern Academy Appeal Quarterly and his assistance in creating and publishing of the 
Northeastern Academy school paper. Academy Reflections. 

Elder Paschal has rendered invaluable service as an executive board member of the New York Chapter 
and was selected for the Leadership Award in 1976. 


Certificates of Merit 

A. Samuel Rashford 

A Samuel Rashford, son of the late Elder and Mrs. 
Linton Rashford, came to this country from Jamaica, 
West Indies. As a youth, he attended Oakwood College 
and continued his education at New York University, 
City College of New York, and Columbia University. 
His wife is the former Eardell S. Bowman and they are 
parents of a daughter, Attorney Eardell J. Rashford. 

Mr. Rashford's deep belief in Christian Education 
is manifested through his years of service as member 
of Board of Trustees of Oakwood College, member of 
the Board of Northeastern Academy, member of the 
Board of R. T. Hudson Elementary School, and his 21 
year commitment as President of the New York Chap- 
ter of the Oakwood College Alumni Association. 
In 1965 and again in 1967 he was awarded a citation and trophy for his contribution to the cause of 
Christian education. In 1968 he was voted Alumnus of the year by the National Alumni Association of Oak- 
wood College. In 1973 he received an honorary Doctor of Laws degree. Mr. Rashford presently serves as an 
officer in the New York Inter-Alumni Council of United Negro College Fund, Inc. and the National Alumni 
Association of Oakwood College. He is a "Life Member" of both the New York Oakwood Alumni Association 
and the National Alumni Association. 

Civic activities occupy a great deal of Mr. Rashford's time: President of Jamaica Benevolent Association 
26 years; President of UBS Holdings, Inc.; Vice President of Jamaica Federal Credit Union Association; a 
member of the Board of Directors of Northeastern Conference Victory Lake Nursing Home; a member of 
Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

It is a distinct privilege to honor one who has contributed so much — an educational and civic leader 
without equal. 

Hurley Frazier Phillips 

Mrs. Hurley Frazier Phillips was born in Montgom- 
ery, Alabama where she attended church school. Her 
high school days were spent at Oakwood Academy and 
she graduated from Oakwood Junior College in 1935. 
Birmingham, Alabama was the site of the begin- 
ning of her teaching career and she continued in 
denominational service as a teacher and Bible worker 
for twenty five years in Alabama, Mississippi, and Ohio 
for the Allegheny and Allegheny West Conferences 

She returned to Oakwood College in 1968 and 
graduated in 1969 with a Bachelor of Science degree 
in Education. 

Hurley is married to Joseph Phillips of Birmingham, Alabama and is the mother of three children who 
also attended Oakwood College. 

Mrs. Phillips is now residing in Cincinnati, Ohio where she has been employed as a public school 
teacher for sixteen years. 

She is an active member and secretary of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Oakwood College Alumni 


Certificates of Merit 

William C. Jones 

/,■ : ;■■■ ..•',■'. ■H'-'i'-'I'a 



William C. Jones was born in Detroit, Michigan. 
Received early training in the public schools of De- 
troit, Michigan before going to Oakwood Academy. He 
is a graduate of Oakwood College in the Class of 1949. 

W. C. was introduced to the ministry thirty years 
ago in Beaumont, Texas which is in the Southv/est 
Region Conference. He pastored for fourteen years 
throughout Texas and New Mexico. He sen/ed as Sab- 
bath School and Lay Activities Director seven years. 

During this tenure W. C. took a trip abroad fol- 
lowing the mission offerings to nine countries to see 
first hand the work of the church. His love for adven- 
ture led him to the Northeastern Conference in New 
York City. 

You will find his footprints in the Bronx and Brooklyn — where he pastored the second largest church 
in the Conference with over 1400 members. One of his greatest thrills was to lead the Atlantic Union in 
soul-winning for three years baptizing over 100 souls each year and organizing two churches. 

He was called back to the Southwest Region in April 1976 to assume the leadership of the Conference. 
In the past three years, the Conference has progressed extensively. 

i* NOTES -^ 


Our Newest Chapter 

Organized — March 5, 1979 


For The 

12th Annual Oakwood College Homecoming 



Victor A. Duncan, M.D., President 
Pastor A. Saunders, President-Elect 

Elder S. Outlaw 

Vice President 

Mrs. Leia Patterson 


Pastor T. Blevins 


Pastor R. L Patterson 



^'Behold, how good and how pleasant 

it is for brethern to 

dwell together in 


Together in Love 


join you 

on this our 

1 2th Annual Alumni Homecoming Celebration 

The New York Alumni Association 

President — Dr. A. Samuel Rashford 
Vice President — Mrs. Jeanette Lewis 
Treasurer — Mrs. Sylvia Kee Alexander 
Secretary — Mrs. Edna Lett Williamson 
Membership Secretary — Mrs. Evelyn T. Mitchell 
Social Secretary & UNCF Dean • 

Mrs. Pecola Lester 
Public Relations — Prof. Emerton C. Whidbee 

Executive Board IMembers 

Mrs. Rose Coley 
Eld. Lee Paschal 

^_____ _ _ _ _ _ .^ X 




The 1980 General Conference SDA 

Home Base 

on this our 
12th Annual Alumni Homecoming Celebration 

The Dallas Metroplex Alumni Chapter 

President — Eld. J. C. Hicks 
Vice President — Mr. R. L. Mullins 
Treasurer — Mr. W. E. Hucks 
Secretary — Miss Lorraine B. Thomas 

Hands Of 

Brofiers And Sisters 
United In One Purpose 


Alumni Association 


President — Alean W. Middleton 
Vice-President — Matttiew F. Kates, M.D. 

Recording Secretary — Rutti Baker 

Correspondence Secretary — Marjorie Fortier 

Treasurer — Herbert Nelson 

Chaplain — Samuel Pasctial 

Asst. Recording Secretary — Shirley Griggs 

Asst. Corresponding Secretary — Denise Pearson 

Asst. Treasurer — Lindsay Thomas, Ph.D. 
Program Chairman — Fredericic Anderson 
Social Chairman — Gaines Partridge, Ed.D. 
Membership Chairman — Lindsay Thomas, Ph.D. 
Executive Committee Member — James Lee 
Executive Committee Member — Leon Taylor, Ph.D. 




to our 

Dear Old Oakwood 

on this our 

12th Annual Alumni Homecoming Celebration! 

The J. L. Moran Alumni Chapter 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, Alabama 
Mrs. Susie Shurney, President 
Elder John Beale, Vice-President 
Mrs. Mary Conner, Secretary 
Mrs. M. Tottress, Treasurer 

From the Capital of Our Nation 

We Join 


Love Federation 

on this 


12th Annual Homecoming Celebration 

The D.C. Alumni Chapter 

President — Mrs. Myrtle Murphy 
Treasurer — Mrs. Dorothy Thorn 
Secretary — Mrs. Ruth Wheeler 


From the Land O' Lakes 

We Extend 
I to you 

i Best Wishes 

! on this our 

I 12th Annuai Homecoming Celebration 

I The Minneapolis Alumni Chapter 

I Philip Carey — President 

I James Mosley — Vice-President 

I Reglna Robinson — Sellers Secretary 

I Connie Green — Asst. Secretary 

j Murray Boney — Treasurer 

I Lesceillea Napue — Asst. Treasurer 

I Helen Adair — Recruiter 

I Betty Gardner Rollins — Parliamentarian 

I Ruby Long — Chaplain 

! Odell Napue — Asst. Chaplain 

I Johnny Green — Sergeant-at-Arms 



f AND 



The Cumberland Alumni Chapter 
Nashville, Tennessee 

President, George I. Pearson 
Treasurer, Celestine Frazier 






Happy Homecoming 


Best Wishes 

on this our 

12th Annual Homecoming Celebration 










Compliments of the Coordinator of i 

Allegheny West Conference and 
Regional Vice President of the 
National Alumni Association 

Submitted By: Connie strong Mayfield 

Lawrence Stewart, President 

Anne Hughes, Secretary 

Sally Hope, Treasurer 



The Greater Louisville Chapter 
of the Oakwood College Alumni Association 


Vice President 


Assistant Treasurer 

Corresponding Secretary 

Recording Secretary 


Parlimentarian & 
Sergeant of Arms 

Mr. LeRoy Anderson 
Mr. James Fisches 
Mrs. Lucille Wagner 
Mr. James Roberts 
Mrs. Rosalind Anderson 
Ms. Minnie Major 
Elder John Wagner, Jr. 

Mr. Willie Knight 

>~- NOTES -< 



April, 1979 


April, 1979